Hi, I’m Leemei.

I’m a High Performance Coach on a mission to unlock individuals’ lasting potential.

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Rewrite your narratives, redefine your limits. Ordinary? That’s not in your vocabulary. You’re destined for the extraordinary!

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Transformational Coaching

I empower high-performing and high-achieving individuals who are actively seeking to elevate their career, to pursue entrepreneurship, to expand their capabilities, unleash their potential, and elevate their impact.

I have personally undergone transformational journeys across 5 countries and diverse roles, I genuinely understand the challenges of navigating changes.   

My mission is to help you to refine your strengths, overcome challenges, and guide you in setting ambitious yet achievable goals. Through an approach that enhances peak performance, fosters resilience, and cultivates leadership qualities, all while maintaining work-life balance, I am here to ensure that growth-oriented individuals like you achieve even greater success while prioritising overall well-being.

My coaching style is authentic, empathetic, and highly effective. Through exceptional active listening, I create a safe space for you to explore your inner self. My powerful questioning leads to transformative insights and breakthrough moment.

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“I’ve experienced significant growth in various areas of my life!
Her supportive and empathetic approach has created a safe space where I could explore my thoughts, possibilities and self-reflect. I highly recommend Leemei as a coach!”


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 “I was being indecisive about my direction in the future. Leemei helped me to get better clarity on my next steps. The coaching journey has helped to boost my self-confidence and also led me to think deeper about what is best for me.”


“She helped my think through and visualize what I want to achieve and define the steps to meet the goals.”

Simon, UK

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“I like the honest and open nature of our discussions. I felt that your questions and prompts were very on point for what I needed to talk about.”


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“Her non-judgmental, empathetic approach, and extraordinary active listening skills created a safe space for me to share my fears and vulnerabilities without fear of criticism. It was truly refreshing to have someone who genuinely cared about understanding my perspective, without imposing any preconceived notions or biases is a true testament to her coaching expertise.”


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“Her coaching sessions have helped me conquer my deepest fears and break free from the chains of self-doubt and imposter syndrome. I cannot express enough gratitude for coach Leemei and the transformative impact she has had on my life.”

Angelica, GERMANY

“Leemei has guided me to think outside the box and devise a way to monitor my progress, which helps me to stay focus and motivated.”


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“Looking forward to having more meetings with you, coach Leemei. Thank you for helping me clearing the waves, I’m on the path to fulfilling my dream career!”

Eréndira, HONG KONG

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“I’m making progress even I don’t notice it. I realised just after I started to tell what has happened since the last session.”


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